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Mon Aug 8 22:25:35 UTC 2016

>> [GM]
>> "We can talk about that later. Right now strap in, because we're going
>> to try to rescue your companions, and it could get bumpy." Lieutenant
>> McLaren says. "But one thing," she says, "my people and I did our
>> part. We want to offer you our service, and these craft, and we seek
>> pardon for any mutinous or treasonous offences we have made against
>> New Strathclyde."
>> The company can now see there are about fifty soldiers in the
>> transport, all wearing full environmental armor, weapons, and looking
>> like a rather formidable outfit. One of them is a full conversion Borg
>> even larger than Jacek, and sporting a railgun. Towards the back of
>> the transport a medic is trying to treat about four injured soldiers.
>> And that's when the first rocket hits. There seems to be a force field
>> around the craft, but while it stops the explosion itself, it can't
>> protect the craft against the kinetic force of the explosion, and the
>> hover transport lurches into the side of a building, taking out a good
>> portion of a floor. Another hover jet is taking off from the damaged
>> hanger, clearly intent on pursuit.
>> [/GM]

>> [Louissa]
>> "Not out of the woods yet," Louissa sighs.
>> [/Louissa]

> [Alex]
> As Alex sees certain people try to take charge, she will sniper at them
> using her juicer rifle. A stray thought passes through her mind that she
> wishes that they did not have to be enemies but they were trying to
> force them into their service. [Strike: 9, Targets Struck: 2, Damage: 6MD]
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper will join Alex then in firing at any enemy troops getting close.
> Not as experienced at recognizing leaders his fire goes towards anyone
> getting close. [Strike: 13, Targets Struck: 2, Damage: 23MD]
> [/Vesper]

OOC: I'm picking long burst sprays for both these moves, as they are
moving quickly enough and are at a high enough altitude that aimed
shots aren't likely to be successful.

It's hard to get too many shots off, as the craft is heading away at
greater speed, but Alex and Vesper together hit six targets before the
hover jet is out of range.

The sergeant reports "We're stuck behind some sort of large metal
shutter that's blocking our exit. Any help would be appreciated." The
large metal shutter can be seen as the hover jet flies over the
buildings that make up the fortress wall.

> [Vesper]
> Vesper aimed for the shutter since that seemed to be suggested and
> fired some test shots into it. [Strikes: Natural 20, 10].
> [/Vesper]

Vesper's first burst is a fantastic hit [Damage: 100MD!], while the
second only adds to the damage to the door [Damage: 38MD].

>> [GM]
>> Meanwhile Lady Veronique and her company are trying to find an exit to
>> the outside, but finding all the exits blocked. This fortress, built
>> out of a ring of ancient skyscrapers, has been heavily fortified. A
>> very static-laden radio transmission reaches Lady Veronique, "Head
>> back up ... stairs you ... down.... quick... not... time."
>> Lenny looks at the blocked exit. "I think I could blow this thing
>> down," he says, looking at a large steel barrier that has been placed
>> in front of an old glass window. "Do we really want to expose
>> ourselves on the rooftop again?"
>> That's when they hear a loud crashing and banging far above their
>> heads, followed by the sound of falling concrete.
>> "What was that?" someone shouts, when the sound of fatiguing metal
>> reverberates throughout the building they are in.
>> [/GM]

> [Lady Veronique]
> "Well, it seems like getting through the steel shutter is going to be the
> least of our worries. Right now our only real chance as I see it is to try
> and breach the shutter and hopefully blast our way out the other side of
> the skyskrayper, it sounds like the stairs we wanted to use just came
> down. It sounds like there is an airship ready to pick us up on the roof
> so that would have been ideal, but I don't think we're going to make it.
> At any rate with no place else to go, getting this shutter out of the way
> is our first priority"
> Lady Veronique says "combine fire at the shutter, and if it's solid rubble
> on the other side see if we can blast through it with our weapons, these
> buildings seem to be very vulnerable to our weapons which is
> doubtlessly why the shutter was there to begin with"
> [/Lady Veronique]

The company opens fire on the shutter at roughly the same time Vesper
is opening fire from the other side. The shutter, while a very strong
megadamage structure, finally succumbs under intense fire, and a large
hole twice the size of a human is opened.

Within moments the entire company is out of the fortress. Oz, Ted,
Vesper and Alex can see the newcomers fleeing the fortress, but there
is insufficient room on the hover jet to take them.

Even as they leave, a series of explosions can be heard. The Battle
Magus Lenny [OOC: who the rest of the company has not been introduced
to yet] laughs. "Just a little something to keep our friends busy!" he

Clearly the amount of chaos created is enough to prevent anyone
pursuing them. Everyone on the ground or in the hover jet can again
see the great frozen Mersey River, and, a few miles to the west, the
Irish Sea, itself frozen as far as the eye can see. Then, from behind
a great hill of ice the ley line ship rises. They can see the damage
to its hull has been hastily repaired, but the damage is still

In short order Lady Veronique and her team are back on the deck of the
leyline ship, and Oz, Ted, Vesper, Alex and Louissa are dropped off on
the deck in short order, with the General, cybernetics disabled,
laying unceremoniously on the deck.

OOC: Introduction time. I'll let the PCs introduce themselves.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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