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>> [GM]
>> The company opens fire on the shutter at roughly the same time Vesper
>> is opening fire from the other side. The shutter, while a very strong
>> megadamage structure, finally succumbs under intense fire, and a large
>> hole twice the size of a human is opened.
>> Within moments the entire company is out of the fortress. Oz, Ted,
>> Vesper and Alex can see the newcomers fleeing the fortress, but there
>> is insufficient room on the hover jet to take them.
>> Even as they leave, a series of explosions can be heard. The Battle
>> Magus Lenny [OOC: who the rest of the company has not been introduced
>> to yet] laughs. "Just a little something to keep our friends busy!" he
>> shouts.
>> Clearly the amount of chaos created is enough to prevent anyone
>> pursuing them. Everyone on the ground or in the hover jet can again
>> see the great frozen Mersey River, and, a few miles to the west, the
>> Irish Sea, itself frozen as far as the eye can see. Then, from behind
>> a great hill of ice the ley line ship rises. They can see the damage
>> to its hull has been hastily repaired, but the damage is still
>> significant.
>> In short order Lady Veronique and her team are back on the deck of the
>> leyline ship, and Oz, Ted, Vesper, Alex and Louissa are dropped off on
>> the deck in short order, with the General, cybernetics disabled,
>> laying unceremoniously on the deck.
>> [/GM]

> [Lady Veronique]
> Lady Veronique is VERY tall (6' 6" tall) blonde, and beautiful, wearing
> a set of armor that manages to be both spikey and angelic in appearance
> at the same time. She's carrying a sword, pistol and rifle. She will bow
> slightly to Oz. Lady Veronique despite the French name has an
> American accent, it's apparent she's not from around here originally either. :)
> [/Veronique]

Veronique's companions are quickly introduced. Two are New Camelot
soldiers; Corporal Slekka, a red skinned D-Bee with four eyes, and
long arms that end at seven fingered hands and Sergeant Lebrath, a
mutant rabbit who looks almost comical; a cuddly-looking bunny in
combat gear.

The last of Veronique's companions is a young, slight man, no more
than five foot four. He has short-cropped hair, just the vaguest
suggestion of a beard, but gleaming eyes. In a slightly effeminate and
definitely North American accent he introduces himself. "I'm Leon
Guarski, but you can just call me Lenny. I'm a Battle Magus out of the
Federation of Magic."

> [Veronique]
> "It wasn't the smoothest rescue I've attempted. I'll leave the fate of this
> General entirely in your hands, I have no idea what transpired in that
> fortress at all so I can't pass a fair judgement. I have no idea if this was
> a misunderstanding that got out of hand, or if he has more malevolent
> motives towards New Camelot."
> [/Lady Veronique]

> [Oz]
> Once he has made sure all his people are on board and they're moving
> away from New Strathclyde at their best speed, Oz turns to Lady
> Veronique and gives her a salute. "Knight Commander Osmar Wolz, of New
> Avalon, at your service, Lady. Thank you for the assistance. We were
> in a bit of a stick situation." The man has a Euro accent and his
> armor is not of a local make- clearly, he's not from around here in
> spite of his rank.
> He glances down at the disabled General. "Since it was you who saved
> us from his treachery, I will ask your preference as to what becomes
> of the General."
> [/Oz]

> [Alex]
> A little disheveled from battle, Alex checks her gear to make sure
> everything is alright. Alex is a moderately tall woman who when she
> takes of her helmet shows red hair. The armor she is wearing a new
> coalition style armor with a pony tail which many female coalition
> soldiers sport with their armor.
> She has a huge rifle, a JA-12 and a smaller rifle, a C-12 slung together.
> There is also a sword on her side. At least with the advent of energy
> weapons, she does not have to carry 80 or 90 pounds worth of gear
> like early Twenty-First Century soldiers with all of the ammo they
> sometimes had to carry in the field.
> "I thank you for your assistance," she responds. Looking to the general,
> "I though these guys were going to be potential allies but instead they
> tried to  force  recruit us."
> "Alex Hawk, Ranger and Scout," she adds.
> [/Alex]

The Battle Magus, Lenny, whistles. "You're as far away from home as I
am! Not used to being this close to a Coalition scout without one of
us about to be dead."

> [Vesper]
> Vesper is a tall dark haired man with violet eyes and a bit of five o'clock
> shadow. He is garbed in leather armor and looks rustic though with the
> obvious trappings of a mage. He is armed with a laser pulse rifle. His
> skin is a bit tan from outdoor living.
> Vesper nods to the others with a brief smile, "Thanks for the assist."
> [/Vesper]

> [Ted]
> Ted nods to their rescuers. He is a lizard man of sorts: tan-colored
> scales cover his body and he has a reptilian face with dark eyes. He
> stands five feet tall, wears camouflage pants, black leather combat
> boots and a dark brown T-shirt. Over his shoulder he carries a rifle
> and a long-bladed sword.
> [/Ted]

> [Lady Veronique]
> "Well if they tried to force recruit you, my suggestion would be to simply
> throw this general overboard and let him return to his men. He's lost at
> least one tank that I know of, and suffered a degree of embarrassment.
> A bit of mercy now might allow us to cultivate him as an ally later. I ran
> into some Foromians earlier, not to mention a battle site at a pyramid,
> the area is quite hostile and the last thing we need to do is add a lasting
> enemy to our growing list in the area, though I do expect a bit of short
> term enmity.".
> [/Lady Veronique]

> [Oz]
> Sir Osmar nods. "That was my inclination as well, but there is the
> well being of the unit to consider. Morale could be harmed if we let
> any casualties go unanswered." He looks over at his colour sergeant.
> "Top, did we lose anyone in this ridiculous ambush attempt?"
> [/Oz]

Oz's Sergeant shakes his head. "No casualties but some rattled nerves,
Sir! These New Strathclyde types seem to pack a punch, but didn't seem
to know where to land the blows. Of course, that big bloody giant
helped too!"

Lenny the Battle Magus laughs. "Yes, he's come in handy on occasion.
One of my better illusions. Once chased a CS squad ten miles before
they figured out that it was an illusion!"

Lenny turns to Alex. "Er, no offense."

As the companions old and new talk, the two mutinous hover jets land.
The commander of the New Strathclyde mutineers, Lieutenant McLaren
requests permission to come aboard. She salutes Oz and Lady Veronique.

"Lieutenant Mary McLaren, formerly of the New Strathclyde at your
service, Sirs," she says, eyeing up the General, who returns her looks
with a poisonous glance.

"I'm requesting asylum with New Camelot for my troops and myself," she
bows on one knee and offers up her vibrosword. "I offer this sword in
the service of Arr'thu, King of New Camelot, and swear my life and the
life of my soldiers to the protection of the King and His realm!"

Lady Veronique's companion, the mutant rabbit Lebrath suggests,
"Perhaps this is the time to announce the field promotion."

> [Lady Veronique]
> "Oh yes, and Alex some good news for you. You are to
> be knighted, military rank of Major, and the title Lady Alex
> Hawke of Bickenhall. There is a small estate attached to
> this as well. The formal ceremony is on hold, but I'm sure
> it will happen eventually."
> [/Lady Veronique]

Louissa, who had boarded with the New Strathclyde mutineers, runs
forward and hugs Alex. "Wonderful!" she cries. "When I get back home,
I'll make sure you and Vesper get a nice estate in New Poughkeepsie!"

The Sergeant whistles. "Unless there are any objections, Sir Oz and
Lady Veronique, I'm going to have the General taken off the ship, and
hopefully he doesn't spend too long out on the ice."

The General says nothing as he is picked up and taken off the ship.
Once that is done, with a considerable amount of creaking and
rumbling, the ley line ship takes off. It is damaged and badly in need
of further repair, but this doesn't seem the right place to make those

OOC: Continuing in the next post...

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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