[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter XVIII

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Telepathically, Alex sends back, /Probably something else will go wrong 
but maybe if we can get this resolved, we can find a quiet place for at 
least a little while./


ooc: Wish emotions were carried over with telepathy.

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> [Vesper]
> Vesper thought back to Alex ~It's ok~
> "I agree, Louissa has been with us and she has done nothing criminal 
> in the kingdom
> so this is a surprise. We need some reason to just turn a team mate 
> over. A good reason."
> [/Vesper]
> ooc: I am assuming that Alex is here although confused a little of who
> is where.
> [Alex]
> Alex is still confused why any person wants to make her a noble. She
> understand the term because there are a number of petty kingdoms in
> North America. Still, there are much larger concerns.
> The red headed scout just wants to cuddle a little and get a nap. While
> she knows she has skill in battle, it is not something she enjoys. Life
> is better just exploring.
> Instead, she takes a deep breath, "I would ask if you would please radio
> back to base and find out why Ms Louissa is under arrest. Even if it
> takes a bounce, we should be within range."
> A soldier must be loyal to those who she serves with. In battle, one
> does not serve for the nation often but those around her. Does not like
> the fact that Louissa is about to be arrested without any real reasons
> given. Idly, she wonders if she will not be fleeing to the NGR in a few
> days.
> Telepathically, she sends to Vesper / Sorry/
> [/Alex]

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