[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter XVIII

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Tue Aug 30 18:55:22 UTC 2016

>> [GM]
>> The hover transport jet picks the company up, along with Lenny the
>>  Battle Magus, and they leave the ley line ship. The view as they
>> fly to the wreck is uniformly dull. Other than the English coast
>> line far off to the east, the Irish Sea is one big frozen plain,
>> with only large piles of pressure-fractured ice here and there to
>> break up the monotony.
>> The craft now heads out into what would be open water, until the
>> coast line disappears completely. Up ahead a black dot appears to
>> break up the unchanging white. Then it grows larger until it takes
>>  the form of a ship. It is in fact a very large freighter. The ice
>>  here looks much thinner, and it's probable the ship got caught in
>>  the ice, and was unable to find its way back to open water again.
>> As they go for final approach, they can see the hull has been
>> partially crushed by the ice, which has left it listing heavily to
>>  the port side, which will make walking on the deck a little
>> tricky.
>> "I'm not going to try to land on that ice," the hover jet pilot
>> informs the adventurers. "It's way too thin. The ice thickens up
>> about six kilometers east of here, so I'll set down there. Let me
>> know when you're ready to return. We should have room for about a
>> ton of goods, if you find that much."
>> The company is lowered to the ship two at a time in a drop cage,
>> which sets them down on the main deck. When everyone is off loaded,
>> the hover jet flies back westward to find the thicker ice.
>> For anyone not in a full-environmental suit, it is bitterly cold,
>> perhaps 15 degrees Fahrenheit below zero (-26 C) with windchill. A
>> cold northern wind buffets the ship, and a ragged flag showing the
>> merchant marine colors of New Bristol, a free city in close
>> association with New Camelot. There's not a soul in sight, and
>> other than the wind, and the moaning of steel, there's nothing to
>> be heard.
>> [/GM]
>> OOC: The company has been set down roughly half way along the
>> ship's length (see attached document). The large doors to the hold
>> below are buckled, and people could fit through them, but there are
>> also several hatches along the deck, as well as the bridge and crew
>> areas at the rear of the ship. A glimpse down into the hold shows
>> many shipping containers.

> [Vesper]
> "It is friggin cold." Vesper rubs his hands together to keep warm.
> "Let's get inside this thing."
> [/Vesper]

> [Oz]
> Luckily, Oz is in his usual full environmental armor, his face hidden
> behind featureless black glass. He starts tapping away at the computer
> strapped to his left forearm. "Let's see if there are any live
> electronics on this heap. If there's anybody aboard they'll be running
> enviro in this cold, even if they don't have computers or comms."
> [/Oz]

The main power generation, probably a nuclear reactor from the looks of 
the vessel, is at a very low ebb. The reactor was put into standby, but 
has not been shut right down. There's still some power flowing through 
the ship, but any large-draw equipment like refrigeration and heaters 
are offline.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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