[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XVII

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>> [GM]
>> As Vesper tries to finish the exorcism, the three craft draw
>> closer and then finally hail the ship, and indeed everyone,
>> on an open channel.
>> "This is Commander MacCallum of the Strathclyde Royal
>> Army. You are flying through contested territory. Identify
>> yourselves immediately."
>> To this Captain Neeson replies, "This is the New Camelot
>> vessel, the HMS Teufelshörnchen. We are recovering
>> some of our crew after an attack by some locals. We
>> mean no offense and were unaware of any contested
>> borders."
>> Commander MacCallum radios back after a moment.
>> "We have forces on the ground. We are warning you
>> that there are several hostiles approaching. These
>> aren't the Maligs you were fighting, but Fomorians.
>> We recommend you come with us before your exit
>> is sealed off. Being in the air won't help you."
>> Captain Neeson hands communications over to Sir
>> Oz, "Sir, I think it's best you deal with this, as you
>> are Commanding Officer of all forces here."
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Oz nods at the captain and gets on the radio with
> MacCallum.
> "Commander, this is Knight Commander Sir Osmar
> Wolz of New Camelot. I am commanding officer of this
> mixed unit. You've got better intel than we do. How far
> away are the fomorians? How long til they have us in
> their sights?" He gestures at Captain Neeson, not
> waiting for the reply. "Ready the ship for a fighting
> retreat, captain. Once our people are back on board
> we're off."
> [/Oz]

"Best estimate is five minutes until leading Fomorian units make
contact with you," the other ship replies. "Malig units are merging
with them, along with heavy weapons." There's a pause, and then the
ship reopens contact, "Knight Commander Wolz, General Malcolm
Campbell, commander of the Third Unified Division is formally
requesting a meeting. We can offer your unit accommodations and

Meanwhile Captain Neeson is ordering everyone to make ready to leave

>> [GM]
>> Meanwhile, Alex and Ted both see several hover
>> cycles, who must have been shadowing the company
>> from the cover of the ruined skyscrapers, riding out
>> towards them to encircle them. They don't show any
>> signs of attack, but one of these new skycycles
>> radios "Do not open fire. We are here to protect."
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Alex taps the pilot on the shoulder, "Let us wait a
> few moments. They seem like they are most likely
> friendly but prudence dictates we be cautious."
> [/Alex]

The pilot nods. "Aye ma'am," he says. Moments later, Captain Neeson
radios the pilot and Alex, "The ship is making ready to leave
immediately. Keep a parallel course, and keep your eyes open."

Two of these newcomers skycycles' move to flank the skycycle Alex is
on. Alex sees the pilot keep one hand close to the targeting system on
the Skycycle, though not selecting any targets. "I hope they're
friendly," he says to Alex, "there's two of them and one of us."

One of the pilots of the other skycycles waves at Alex. "Lieutenant
Maxwell Jones here," he says over an open line. "Again, I repeat, we
are not a threat."

>> [GM]
>> Vesper is finally completing the exorcism when both
>> he and Alter-Ted get radio communication, "We see
>> you are treating an injured person. Do you require
>> medical assistance?"
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper nods to Alter Ted since he thinks after the
> exorcism the woman may indeed require some medical
> help. Though he continues staying focused on the
> ritual itself.
> [Vesper]

Alter-Ted nods and signals for these newcomers to land and give assistance.

As these newcomers land, suddenly the woman roars. "Pain thou shalt
have, mage! I will remember thee, and your soul will be mine!"

With that a strange mist seems to seep from the woman's mouth, nose
and ears, and she screams, and then passes out. So far as Vesper can
tell, whatever was possessing is gone. A pool of blood starts to form

One of the newcomers, a young and rather pretty woman, comes up with a
medkit. "Flight Officer Muir!" she announces, before leaning down and
looking at the woman. "She's just had a stillbirth," Muir says. She
carefully picks up the fetus and her eyes widen. "By the Powers," she
says, holding up a bloody and horrific thing that only has the barest
resemblance to a human; with scales and reptilian eyes, and little
nodules all over its body, each with a small tentacles. The young
woman is clearly horrified by what she sees, and cannot speak.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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