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>> [GM]
>> ...
>> As they approach, it becomes clear that there is something between
>> these semi-submerged skyscrapers. They are now out and over the frozen
>> sea, and that's when they finally clearly see what lies there; a great
>> island hidden from view, walled between great towering skyscrapers. A
>> fortress sits there, a great circular wall at least ten miles in
>> diameter. There are barracks, storage sheds, an airfield with a couple
>> of aerodromes, and beyond the walls a small harbor with three warships
>> docked, though these appear to be frozen in place.
>> The ley line itself doesn't come closer than a half mile from the
>> island, so Captain Neeson is forced to put the ley line ship on
>> batteries to make a landing. The craft leading the ship guide to a
>> berth that looks to have been constructed for ley line ships.
>> [GM]

> [Oz]
> Oz watches the huge fortress and hidden island emerge
> from a spot in the bow, nodding appreciatively at the
> planning and skill that must have gone into building such
> a thing. As they come in to land, he turns and calls for his
> unit commanders to join him at the gangplank. "Captain
> Neeson, Jacek, Colour, Skarn, Ithdalkal, with me. Let's go
> say hello to our hosts."
> [/Oz]

>> [/GM]
>> Finally, as the ship lands, several people come walking towards the
>> ley line ship. All are in military garb, and with them are several
>> armed and armored soldiers, though none have weapons drawn. The leader
>> is a tall woman with ranks of insignia that indicate she is a Colonel.
>> At the gang plank she asks in a thick Scottish accent, "I am Colonel
>> Alison McLaren. General Campbell begs his forgiveness as he has some
>> important business to attend to. He hopes you will join him for
>> breakfast at the Officer's Mess. In the meantime, can we offer any
>> assistance? We have quarters set aside for any officers, but I'm
>> afraid the barracks are rather full, so the crew might be more
>> comfortable on the ship."
>> Indeed, it appears that there are hundreds of soldiers training as
>> they speak, running laps, doing open fire exercises at the other end
>> of the compound, some scaling the wall, which is a good forty feet
>> high. A quick estimate would suggest upwards of 1,500 soldiers here.
>> One other thing is clear that is while the equipment appears to be
>> well maintained, it is also rather old, thirty years at the minimum.
>> The Colonel awaits the company's response.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Oz nods at the Colonel and puts out a hand to shake with
> her. "Knight Commander Osmar Wolz of New Avalon." It
> was hard to equate chivalrous ranks with military ranks,
> but Oz considered his rank superior to Captain Neeson's,
> which was on par with a Colonel, so as far as he was
> concerned the Colonel was his junior. But that went both
> ways, and he of course would be as polite and pleasant
> to her as anyone else.
> "Thank you for the hospitality, colonel. We're a bit of a
> mixed unit. We keep picking up survivors as we ride the
> crest of the Splugorth invasion. This is Captain Neeson,
> Jacek, commander of our irregulars, Skarn, leader of the
> K'narok, Lieutenant Ithdalkal, my adjutant, and Colour
> Sergeant Fothergill, my top sergeant." He gestured at
> Alex, Vesper, and Ted. "We also have on board a few
> private citizens. From North America, I believe."
> "Colonel, in addition to our warriors we picked up a
> (few?) hundred survivors from the maligs back there. My
> people can stay on board ship, but these people have
> gone through hell and need counseling and a new home."
> [/Oz]

The colonel nods. "Yes, we had reports before your arrival that you
were rescuing some people from the Lowry Pyramid. Looks like you did
the Malig mutant collective a good bit of trouble, and that's probably
what had the Fomorians blazing your way. General Campbell was most
impressed with the show of power from New Camelot."

> [Alex]
> The scout actually looks a little nervous meeting with
> such a senior officer. As a Coalition scout, she probably
> never met many senior to a captain and she was only
> a private when she was forced to escape. Now, she
> realizes if she had stayed in service,m she would likely
> have been at least a corporal or even a sergeant.
> Still, she turns to the others, "What do you guys want
> to do?"
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> "I am ready to go at any time too. Our host seem to be
> in a hurry and I am inclined to wanting to get out of
> Tentacleville as soon as we can.
> [/Vesper]

Louissa, still feeling a bit shaky, is curious to see the base. "I had
heard of this kingdom when I was a younger. My kingdom had a treaty
with New Strathclyde, and I remember our ambassador barely made out. I
wonder what they've been doing all these years that they were
supposedly destroyed.

OOC: I'm assuming the company leaves the ship.

While many remain on board the ship, the company makes their way down
to the camp, or more obviously a very well armed fortress. Colonel
McLaren leads them to a building where a large flag of New Strathclyde
flutters. The building itself is made of what appears to be a metallic
material, probably megadamage. As they approach, they can feel a
slight vibration in the ground, as if something large sits below the
ground here.

Inside is what is clearly a bustling command center. Staff in military
uniforms move around by the dozens, as large computer screens display
maps with troop positions. Again, all the computers and equipment are
in good repair, indeed look almost brand new, but are models that are
decades old.

The Colonel leads the company to an elevator, and when they are inside
she places her palm on a scanner and then presses down. There's a
disorientating feeling of going down for a few seconds, and then there
is an audible "bing!" and the door opens up on a well lit corridor.
There's a station with a man in fatigues who salutes as the Colonel
steps up. "Sergeant, please process the visitors from New Camelot and
issue them temporary passes."

The man efficiently types some information into the computer, asks
each member of the company their name, and then hands them each a
small credit-card sized ID card with their names, picture on ID on it.
The cards say "Visitors - Security Level 2".

With that done she leads them down the hall and around a corner. Here
she points to two doors. "These are the quarters set aside. Their are
five small rooms, with a shared bathroom and a small common area. The
General should be finished his business quite soon, but you should
have a good half an hour to wash up, and then someone will be along to
fetch you. If you need anything, just use one of the comm units on the
walls, and someone will see to you immediately."

She salutes Oz, and then leaves the company.

The quarters are much as she said; each bedroom has a small bed,
little bigger than a cot. There is a washroom and a common room with a
table big enough enough to sit everyone, as well as a computer

The vibration is much stronger here, and there's an almost sub-sonic hum.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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