[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XVII

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It seems to be the way of social events that women tend to wear dresses 
and gowns to these sorts of things. Fatigues don't seem to be the best 
option either and her Coalition dress uniform would not seem to be the 
best option either. Besides, it was a gift from Vesper and she likes it.

Initially, she will basically just listen and allow others to talk.

She speaks up, "Somehow we seem to have always beaten the odds." Her 
tone is almost jovial, as she sometimes has trouble believing it 
herself. "I think that there is some sort of plan for us."

Her tone turns more businesslike, "If there is any intelligence that you 
might share with us with regard to locations and strengths of enemy 
forces, we would appreciate it."

On 3/15/2016 15:53, Aaron Clausen wrote:

> [GM]
> The General shakes his head. "That is quite an account," he says. "I
> truly am sorry that you have been cursed. When I was in the regular
> army, I had a lieutenant who was cursed by a Faerie. Poor bugger
> urinated wine until his kidneys failed him."
> "You must be very valuable to New Camelot to have an entire leyline
> ship and what appears to be a fairly significant company of regulars
> and militia at your disposal. Even a team of dwarfs out of Wales, if I
> am to understand things."
> "It strikes me as a terrible waste of resources for a kingdom under
> attack by the Splugorth to waste such troops to save a single
> individual," the General continues. "No offense is meant, Mr. Smythe,
> but as you can see, with our somewhat limited military force, we know
> the value of every soldier, every gun, every combat vehicle. Why, with
> your compliment, we could probably have a new forward ops team.
> Besides, all you're going to do as you head north is attract the
> Fomorians' attention, and you will all be dead within a day or two."
> [/GM]

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