[Taocow PBEM] [Ted, Vesper and Alex] Book 3 - Chapter XVII

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at gmail.com
Tue May 3 19:36:15 UTC 2016

>> [GM]
>> The dagger effortlessly cuts into the soldier's light armor [Damage:
>> 21MD], not enough to pierce through, but enough to damage it badly.
>> And then the pandemonium begins. As the soldier is whipping around to
>> take on Alex, the other soldiers are moving swiftly towards Alex,
>> Vesper and Louissa. Above can be heard a distant explosion, and then
>> the crackle of intense energy cannon fire. The lights flicker and the
>> ground rumbles. If there's a chance to overpower the guards, now is
>> it.
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper shook off the surprise and cast a cloud of smoke to prevent the
> guards from seeing them trusting Alex could handle the guard near her.
> He then went against a wall crouched and began to open a portal to the
> surface.
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> Alex is going to take a second strike with the dagger at the soldier.
> [Strike: 17, Damage: 20MD]
> Does not take pleasure at this but considers it something she has
> to do. With her left hand, she will draw her Dargonfire sword from
> the dimensional pocket.
> [/Alex]

This dagger strike cuts through the man's armor and deep into his vitals.
He falls to the ground with a moan and tries vainly to reach behind him,
even as a pool of blood appears under him.

She can feel the potency of the Dragonfire sword as she pulls it out.

> [Ted]
> Just to prove his point, Ted engages the nearest soldier unarmed,
> hoping first to disarm him and then trip him with a sweeping leg hook
> before taking his weapon.
> [Strikes: 16 and 20 not natural]
> [/Ted]

The guard attempts to block Ted [Dodge: 14], but Ted manages to knock the
gun out of his hand. The leg hook drops the guard to the ground.

> [Vesper]
> "You don't need to harm them, just throw them into the smoke."
> Vesper said after his portal was open.
> "Portal is open."
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> Once she finishes her first attack, if she can disengage, she will
> jump through the portal. As she sees it, she is fighting to survive
> as well as getting her gear, but there is nothing where she needs
> to win. She just needs to escape.
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper cast an energy field as a wall to keep the guards away.
> "Sorry gents this isn't about you it is that we aren't into slavery."
> Vesper waited for everyone to get through before he hopped
> through himself.
> [/Vesper]

The two remaining guards open fire. The energy field won't last long under
this barrage.

On the other side of the portal all hell is breaking loose as the leyline
ship has all weapons firing full melee bursts on the New Strathclyde
troops. There is smoke everywhere, but it looks like heavy weapons are
being brought to bear. Oz can just dimly be seen through the haze of smoke,
steam and weapons fire.

Meanwhile, on this side of the portal, more guards are running towards the
remaining members of the company.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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