[Taocow PBEM] [Alex, Vesper, Veronique and Ted] Book 3 - Chapter XVIII

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 20:51:32 UTC 2016

> [Vesper]
> "It's a dimensional anomaly ! Though I have never encountered one
> like this."
> Seeing the silver orb, "That might contain it ! Try and get the
> silver orb between it and Ted."
> [/Vesper]

> [Veronique]
> OOC-> Does it look like Veronique killed whomever was coming out of
> that silver sphere? I'm wondering since you mentioned blood and gore
> as opposed to the burnt remains of an energy weapons discharge. Right
> now it seems to me (perhaps incorrectly) that the orb was being
> controlled from in there and I just executed the operator. :)
> [/Veronique]

OOC: It's hard to tell without a very close examination, but it looks 
more like somebody opened this dimensional anomaly (or freed it), and 
was killed by the forces they unleashed.

> [Veronique]
> "There is a machine inside the box the orb came out of. Perhaps if
> we can figure out what this machine does, we can figure out how to
> release Ted from the orb. There are some living remains around the
> entrance to the machine, it's possible I killed whoever was in there
> accidently, and they were controlling the orb as we investigated.
> Does anyone know much about techno-wizardry? Given the placement of
> gems it seems like some kind of TW device, but I don't know much
> about TW other than using weapons and armor".
> [/Veronique]

>> [GM]
>> The pull is getting to be too much for Ted. He's literally bending
>> the metal rung he's clinging too.
>> And then it simply snaps, and Ted seems to stretch out like a long
>> thin line before disappearing into the orb.
>> Once Ted has been sucked in, the orb retreats, heading deeper into
>> the cargo hold and out of sight. The smell of sulfur fades away,
>> and the only sound is the bubbling of water under Vesper's energy
>> field.
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper will start doing all he can to push objects near the breach
> in the hull as he can.
> Vesper will try and see if there is anything he can do to close this
> dimensional anomaly.
> [/Vesper]

Vesper's senses reach out to the gateway. It is a complex thing, clearly 
not a random natural gateway, nor even a gateway summoned by someone of 
Vesper's powers. He gains a considerable appreciation for its 
construction, it seems to four or five shifting gateways, all taking a 
different route to the same place. He also senses that the gateway could 
be much larger if it was fed more power.

Closing it will take time, and if there is some sort of intelligence to 
it, it might fight back against such an attempt.

> [Veronique]
> "Too late, it seems it already got Ted, otherwise that was a good
> idea. That said I can pick the orb up and go chasing after the
> anomaly with it... but it looks like some kind of machine, it's
> probably better if we figure out how to operate it. I suppose I
> could enter through it's door and pump some PPE into it and see what
> it lets me do"
> "Looking at the remains around the doorway to the machine, it seems
> like someone was in there before I accidently blasted open the
> crate, presumably controlling the anomaly to ambush us. It might be
> out of control right now".
> Veronique will shoulder her gun and help push a few objects to block
> the hull breach (Supernatural PS) while people mull things over. If
> nobody can come up with any better ideas Veronique will be the brave
> one, enter the silver orb/machine and see if she can find a way to
> pump PPE into it or otherwise control it assuming nobody more techie
> wants to take a look at it.
> [/Veronique]

> [Vesper]
> Though no technowizard Vesper knew dimension spanning and tried to
> help figure out the device as well.
> He stood ready to seal the breach again if it was needed.
> "If I must I might have to do things the old fashioned way and go
> into that anomaly and see if I can rift people out. I will need all
> the mystic energy I can get."
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> "Sometimes seems like the universe is out to get him," Alex
> responds, exasperated. "If you can tap into me, maybe I can proved a
> little." (ooc: Alex has all of 5 PPE so you might be able to use 4)
> Otherwise, ever practical, she will work on patching the hole if she
> can.
> [/Alex]

For the moment, the orb hovers nearby, and everyone is able to chip and 
get the breach filled, at least temporarily. The hull sealant that Alex 
found is likely the more permanent solution, though getting this ship 
out of the ice is the only way to save it.

When the leak is temporarily stemmed, Veronique pumps some PPE into the 
orb, and the result is rather dramatic. It grows by about eight inches 
in diameter, and its suction force becomes much much stronger, to the 
point where pieces of debris get sucked into it, and everyone has to 
stand well back not to get pulled in themselves.

After a minute or so, the orb shrinks down to its original size. Clearly 
at least PPE is a form of energy that can influence it, though adding 
energy is clearly dangerous. One thing is certain, this thing could be 
one heck of a weapon.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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