[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter XVIII

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Aboard the Line Ship

Alex will nods at Loussia. Unless the group leaves right ways to check 
on the ship, Alex will still spend a bit of time with her. She needs to 
do her best to make sure that all of her e-clips are recharged and check 
her various gear over."

On the Deck of the ship

With her environmental body armor, the temperature does not really 
bother her. "Reminds me a lot of back up in Xiticix territory." Since 
Vesper knows her reasonably well, he can sense a certain sadness. 
"Hopefully it turns out better than that did."

On the bridge of the ship

"I think somebody needs to get down there and fix that hole fast. If we 
don't, that cargo will likely be at the bottom of the ocean pretty 
quickly. If there is welding equipment aboard, I might be able to do it?"

ooc: Ships that develop holes are really bad things. Also, even civilian 
ships usually do have welding equipment aboard and other emergency 
repair supplies.

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