[Taocow PBEM] [Alex, Vesper, Veronique and Ted] Book 3 - Chapter XVIII

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"Vesper, stay touching me," the scout whispers. "My wand should protect 
both us us from any energy attacks and psychic attacks."

If there is a fire extinguisher nearby, with a lack of anything better 
to do, Alex is going to grab it and try to spray down the creature.


ooc: Fire extinguishers aboard ship tend to be either A/B/C powder 
extinguishers or B/C CO2 extinguishers. Powder separate the oxygen from 
the burning materials. They also damage exposed electrical as well 
however. It will be unable to siphon electricity from the ship near it. 
It also prevents the conduction of electricity which might disrupt it. 
C02 extinguishers work also by separating the oxygen  from the burning 
materials  They also have a cooling effect which might have some effect 
on this creature.

There will not be water type extinguishers although there would be a 
hose for the water main - Which actually would be my choice because high 
pressure water might be pretty disruptive to it but the ship has no 
power and therefore no water pressure.

The odds aboard a ship in engineering of one or several extinguishers is 
extremely high. In addition, while they have a shelf life, they tend to 
actually last far longer than what they are rated for.

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