[Taocow PBEM] [Alex, Vesper, Veronique and Ted] Book 3 - Chapter XVIII

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"Vesper, Your Call," Alex asks


On 6/11/2017 22:51, Aaron Clausen wrote:
>>> [GM]
>>> "We know of your... friend," he says. "He has threatened our control
>>> of the Crucible, and is being dealt with as we speak. We cannot
>>> guarantee his safety."
>>> "We are under orders to capture the Crucible and gain control. That is
>>> all I can disclose. Now, we have talked, so you can now hand over the
>>> Crucible."
>>> As they are talking, Veronique and Vesper catch the two other figures
>>> clench and unclench their fists, and then hear a strange buzzing
>>> behind them. It's hard to see, but Veronique catches a glimpse of what
>>> almost looks like an energy net beginning to surround the three of
>>> them.
>>> "Turn over the Crucible now," the lead figure says.
>>> [GM]
>> [Alex]
>> "This is not how people talk," Alex states, without raising her voice.
>> "You expect everything from us while not wanting to explain. We want
>> our friend safe, not being dealt with, and I want to know what you
>> want this crucible for?"
>> [/Alex]
> [GM]
> "We have our purpose," the lead figure replies. "You must surrender
> the Crucible. Your friend is not our concern."
> [/GM]
>> [Vesper]
>> "We are under attack. Watch out for the nets." He calls to his
>> companions as he moves to avoid being trapped in a net himself.
>> [Dodge: 22]
>> [/Vesper]
> [GM]
> Vesper is able to evade the net.
> [/GM]
>> [Veronique]
>> Veronique tries her hand at "Diplomacy" she has the attributes
>> for it but it's not normally her thing:
>> "Drop the energy net.. I know you won't perforate the boat
>> because if you do that then the crucible will be lost to the same
>> ocean you threaten us with, and if you were so confident you
>> wouldn't be trying to sneak attack us. I on the other hand will
>> blow a hole through the boat  to prevent your crucible from
>> preventing a larger threat to this world even if it means my
>> own death. So if you do try and fight us, and we wind up
>> losing you can guarantee that will be my final act. I don't even
>> need to move much to do it, so even if something like your net
>> was to work on me it wouldn't stop me from doing it.
>> Of course, if I have your attention and you actually want to talk
>> this through, I'm actually willing to let you take the crucible
>> back to wherever you came from. I just want you to release our
>> companions and the crew members it absorbed. We take our
>> people, you take your orb, and get the hell out of our way. We
>> repair our ship, and hopefully we never run into each other
>> again."
>> If anyone else with a more diplomatic state of mind wants to
>> cut in here on the dialogue or suggest something else, feel
>> free. Veronique is winging it.
>> [/Veronique]
>> [Vesper]
>> Vesper will answer Alex if he is able to tell if they are magic
>> or not."
>> [/Vesper]
> [GM]
> The net is magical, and what's more, the energy net quickly
> disappears, as the orb soaks up the energy. It then rises into the
> air. The three figures seem uncertain, and then one cries out "It is
> awake again, quick..." and then the orb's strange suctioning field
> grabs the figure and pulls it in. Suddenly a cold voice announces from
> the orb, "In command mode. Awaiting new instructions..."
> The two remaining figures immediately hoist their staves and aim at the orb...
> [/GM]

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