[Taocow PBEM] [Oz and Ted] Book 3 - Chapter XVIII

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at gmail.com
Mon May 1 21:18:42 UTC 2017

>> [GM] >> "That is correct," the bot replies. "But if the machinery can be
>> repaired, then the reprogramming is trivial. If if the orb can be 
>> brought to me, I could accomplish the goal." >> [/GM]
> [Oz] > "Is the Orb mobile? My companions have encountered something like a
> spatial anomaly, not a physical item." > [/Oz]

The bot responds "The orb is mobile both intradimensional and 
interdimensional space. It is both physical and extra-dimensionally 
existential. It has existence in both four dimensional and nth 
dimensional space times."

The bot pauses for a second. "Yes, it can be moved," it says.


>> [GM] >> Even as Ted reports that from his side, two things happen
>> simultaneously. On the ship, Oz hears some sort of strange weapons 
>> fire, like a zapping, followed by an explosion somewhere in the
>> hold. The bot lets out a panicked electronic TWERP. "Someone has
>> reversed the Crucible's attraction field, and has pushed someone
>> through to our current dimension. This is probably an attack squad
>> meant to take control of the Crucible!"
>> [/GM]
> [Oz] > Oz gets on the radio to the team. "An attack squad just came through
> from the other side. If you can get the Orb to my location it looks 
> like we have a way to cut this off. I need to bring the reactor back 
> online to get that done, which I am starting now." He hits the
> button to re-start the reactor. > [/Oz]
The read out reports the reactor is now restarting, with four minutes to 
nominal power levels.

The bot informs Oz, "It appears Defenders have been summoned. They will 
attempt to take control of the Crucible."

>> [GM] >> Meanwhile, in Ted's dimension, the catwoman suddenly screams and
>> grabs her head. "My mind... slipping!" She suddenly leaps at Ted 
>> [Strike: Natural 20], knocking him to the ground. In the other 
>> chamber, Ted can hear the other crew stirring, yelling out 
>> meaningless yelps and syllables. >> [/GM]
> [Ted] > The lizard man tries to roll out of the way, but without success.
> Instead, he tries to break free from his attacker's grasp 
> [Disentangle attack roll: 22] before delivering a knock-out blow
> [Strike: 21]. > [/Ted]
Ted easily gets out of the cat woman's grasp, and delivers a knockout 
punch that drops her like a bag of bricks. In the other chamber she can 
hear the other members of the crew, likely as demented as the cat woman 
became, stirring and making animal-like noises.

Through the interdimensional communication device Ted can hear the rest 
of his companion's problems, but that currently isn't his problem, until 
he hears some sort of strange energy fire in the other chamber, and 
flashes of blue light.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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