[Taocow PBEM] [Alex, Vesper, Veronique and Ted] Book 3 - Chapter XVIII

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at gmail.com
Thu May 25 19:49:39 UTC 2017

>>> [Alex] > The fire haired ex-Coalition ranger holds out a hand in placation
>>> although prepares for feelings of danger and reacting. "Peace, let
>>> us talk?" she asks in a calm voice like somebody trying to coax a
>>> scared animal.
>>> If she can get her friend back and if this sphere is gotten out of here,
>>> she is more than willing to give it up. It has been nothing
>>> but trouble. > [/Alex]

>> [GM]
>> The three figures stare at each other, and nod, almost as if they're having
>> some sort of conversation. Finally one of them turns to the company.
>> "We will... talk," it says, "but you must all lower your weapons, and we
>> shall do the same."
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> Even though Vesper is at a distance behind cover he will lower his weapons as he
> hears Alex conversing with the beings.
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> Being cautious in case there is danger but she will sheath her sword. Dues to
> the tight quarters of engineering, the sword was her best choice.
> "I have a friend who was trapped by the orb," she states straight off. "Now,
> what do you want the orb for?"
> [/Alex]

> [Veronique]
> Veronique just stands there listening so far, she's willing to fight if they are.
> She figures shooting out the bottom of the boat is an idle threat since they
> would wind up losing the orb in the ocean if they did that. Still, she'll follow
> Vesper's lead. Diplomacy isn't usually Veronique's thing.
> [/Veronique]

"We know of your... friend," he says. "He has threatened our control
of the Crucible, and is being dealt with as we speak. We cannot
guarantee his safety."

"We are under orders to capture the Crucible and gain control. That is
all I can disclose. Now, we have talked, so you can now hand over the

As they are talking, Veronique and Vesper catch the two other figures
clench and unclench their fists, and then hear a strange buzzing
behind them. It's hard to see, but Veronique catches a glimpse of what
almost looks like an energy net beginning to surround the three of

"Turn over the Crucible now," the lead figure says.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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