[Taocow PBEM] [Alex, Vesper, Veronique and Ted] Book 3 - Chapter XVIII

Kitsune kitsunefx at netzero.net
Wed May 31 12:53:34 UTC 2017


"This is not how people talk," Alex states, without raising her voice. 
"You expect everything from us while not wanting to explain. We want our 
friend safe, not being dealt with, and I want to know what you want this 
crucible for?"


> [GM]
> "We know of your... friend," he says. "He has threatened our control
> of the Crucible, and is being dealt with as we speak. We cannot
> guarantee his safety."
> "We are under orders to capture the Crucible and gain control. That is
> all I can disclose. Now, we have talked, so you can now hand over the
> Crucible."
> As they are talking, Veronique and Vesper catch the two other figures
> clench and unclench their fists, and then hear a strange buzzing
> behind them. It's hard to see, but Veronique catches a glimpse of what
> almost looks like an energy net beginning to surround the three of
> them.
> "Turn over the Crucible now," the lead figure says.
> [/GM]

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