David Eales Memorial Ride

An award-winning ride from London to Amsterdam each year in memory of David Eales


The David Eales Memorial ride is an award-winning 4-6 day group charity ride from London (or Dunkerque) to Amsterdam each September. The ride is long but leisurely, averaging 60 miles (about 100km) each day. The cycling conditions in Belgium and the Netherlands are level and pleasant, allowing riders to take in the scenery along the route.

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Riders organise in groups of 4-6 with advice and support from veterans of the ride. Hostels are booked by the groups themselves, and group members perform navigation and logistics for one another while riding.

The Book

The printed manual distills experience from previous events into an outline for forming your team and conducting the ride. It contains advice on packing and preparations, organising your team, fundraising, and a description of the route complete with knooppunten sequences and high-level maps. There are also links to recommended hostels, maps, and software as well as advice on booking your return trip after the ride.

There are no longer any printed editions available, but you can download the PDF. This is a new and updated edition for 2023!

Printed Manuals


The 2023 ride will run from 7-12 August, 2023, with an optional UK leg on the 5th and 6th.

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5-6 August

Most teams riding from London to Dover will do so on this weekend. People beginning at Dunkerque should take their bikes by train to Dover, and everyone should aim to take the ferry to Dunkerque on the afternoon of the 6th.

Monday, 7 August

Dunkerque to Brugge, via Veurne.

Tuesday, 8 August

Brugge to Ghent.

Wednesday, 9 August

Ghent to Antwerp.

Thursday, 10 August

Antwerp to Rotterdam, via Roosendaal.

Friday, 11 August

Free day in Rotterdam, with planned excursion to Delft.

Saturday, 12 August

Rotterdam to Amsterdam, via Hazerswoude


For an idea of the ride’s route, take a look at this on-line map. The > and < buttons will move you forward and backward along points of interest along the way.

The core waypoints of the ride are as follows:

  1. Dunkerque
  2. Brugge
  3. Ghent
  4. Antwerp
  5. Rotterdam
  6. Amsterdam

Most riders meet at a pub near the Dover ferry terminal on the evening before the start of the ride, and travel to the hostel in Dunkerque together.

While most riders take their bikes down to Dover by train, the more adventurous participants will ride from Parliament Square in London to Dover over two days, spending a night in Canterbury. Even more dedicated riders may attempt London to Dover in a single day.

The route is available as a GPX file for you to load into your SatNav device.


Riders are asked to raise funds for two charities which have a personal connection to David Eales. Veterans will help new riders in setting up fundraising pages and reaching out for pledges.

London Cycling Campaign LCC

David was a passionate advocate for the transformative power of cycling, and took an active role in a wide range of cycling groups in London. Many of these were local chapters of the London Cycling Campaign, who inspired the very first ride. It was this first LCC ride in 2016 that David had planned to participate in, and we dedicated the event to his memory when he was taken from us mere months before departure.

While you’re at it, joining the LCC as a member wouldn’t go amiss!

SJS Awareness SJS Awareness

The SJS Awareness UK charity funds research into the alarming disease that took David from us so suddenly in 2016.

Past Rides

In 2016, six people rode to Amsterdam. One rode from Dunkerque, three had to take a train for part of the UK segment, and two made it all the way from London to Amsterdam under their own power.

17 September 2016

In 2017, 13 people rode: six rode from London (though one had to turn back at Rotterdam), and seven joined in Dunkerque. We travelled in three squads of 4-5 riders, and had enough separate arrivals that we couldn’t all pose for one photo at the end!

17 September 2017
17 September 2017

In 2018, we had 18 participants, six of whom rode from London and twelve from Dunkerque.

18 September 2018

In 2019 we had a single five-rider team, but you can see a large number of photos and videos in Casey’s album. This is possibly the best-photographed year for the event!

24 September 2019

Sadly, we could not run the ride in 2020 or 2021, but we came back strong for 2022!