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Fri, 25 Oct 2002

08:26 [zork(~)] cat octal.txt


<a href="">Octal</a>:

I figure I'll post it once enough of the wrinkles are ironed out. It looks like <a href="">muse</a> and <a href="">inkblot</a> managed to use the script to set up their dirs, so things are probably about ready to announce.

This is partly just a neat little hack that I'm using as part of the research for an article, but at some point this will reach a level of functionality where I figure it could be a useful fixture for zork. I'm interested partly in installing blagg and seeing how to integrate that into a multi-user environment. The blosxom stuff was mostly written with a single-user MacOSX system in mind, so I'm playing and fiddling.

Note that there's also a <a href="">python version</a> of this software that supports the same data files. the difference is that I added the one-line hack to get the blank-line-denotes-paragraphs feature to the perl version, while the python system has a more elaborate parser setup that I have yet to fully work out.

At any rate, I'll play and fiddle for at least a week yet.

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