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Sun, 27 Oct 2002

05:22 [zork(~)] cat pyblosxom.txt


So nobody should notice, but I switched from the Perl version of blosxom to the python version. One bonus this gives is the ability to define little filter modules to the text. I had hand-hacked in the blank-lines-separate-paragraphs bit to the Perl version, but I've been able to do still more by simply hacking pyblosxom to use a default filter.

It can cache the files if things get too slow, but I don't imagine that will happen.

The most notable changes are that URLs such as and will be translated (the second one was "", and the URL has to be separated by whitespace -- I may add angle brackets or something to the mix at some point).

Also, you can do emphatic text with the application of asterisks. (that was just "emphatic text" -- again, spaces make the magic happen).

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