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Sun, 27 Oct 2002

21:18 [zork(~)] cat libstdc++.txt

I hated XFree86, but now I just hate GCC

I hacked and sawed for months before Dave Barry finally pushed TinyX into my face, and I realized that it was exactly what the LNX-BBC needed. It was a quick day's work to get it mostly set up in a pretty good fashion.

But since we were not about to take twm, I nixed it in favor of hackedbox. The problem: hackedbox is C++, and our isn't getting installed. This is giving us big headaches, as no matter how many ways we build gcc, it only ever gets bigger yet never succeeds in installing libstdc++!

It's enough to make me pine for the days when it was a separate package, and we may end up having to use a pre-2.95 version of the thing in the end as a hideous patch. GAR.

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