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Tue, 21 Sep 2004

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So I moved to SF in January. There were many things I didn't know about. Like where to get good lunches. After I got a job I found via a coworker Lee's Deli. Lee's Deli is great and cheap. There are several in downtown SF making it very convenient.

On their menu they had a BLT for like $3. Whatta lunch deal. They put tons of Bacon on it. It's like super bacon. So at first I would only get it on plain wheat bread. It was a super bacon sandwich, but with the wheat bread it would get mushy.

Then I found out about their other breads. I was on a path of upgrading to the Ultimate Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sammich.

This journal exists to log my journey to BLT nirvana.

Up to this point:

  • Replaced wheat bread with Dutch Crunch roll
  • Added two slices of swiss
  • Removed a slice of swiss, didn't change sandwich much and saves 5 cents
  • Changed swiss to cheddar.

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