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Wed Jul 5 08:48:14 PDT 2000

begin  Bob Bernstein quotation:
> True paranoids are not paranoid about their paranoia. They will
> discuss it readily with anyone who provides an understanding ear.
> Scary, huh?

	Actually, I figured this out on my own after several years of
spending my afternoons and evenings in the Seattle public library.
All the real crackpot paranoids would tell me all about how the
government agencies and alien spy drones were after them, and how you
CANNOT TELL a normal person from an evil clone.

	It never occurred to them that *I* may have been one of these
Bad People.  I should have said something like "Thank you, subject
345-1 subsection 6.  Your report has been filed.  We will be
contacting you when phase four is prepared.  Do not have any dental
work done in the meantime." to most of those guys.

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