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Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Thu Jul 6 01:25:14 PDT 2000

	This is the location where crackmonkey.org is located.
Chances are the landlady won't rent him the space.  There will likely
be either downtime or a short relocation.

----- Richard Couture <rrc at myrddin.imat.com> -----

As many of you already know, we have to be out of this building by
July 19, 2000

We had made arrangements with the neighboor next door to move the
machines into their space until the new lines could be relocated to
the new place at 308 Anderson Street.

The neighboor just called a few hours ago to inform me that it would
NOT be possible for us to use the space there as previously

I will try to talk to the landlady here ( who is evicting us ) about
renting this room for another month or so...

I will post a message as soon as I hear from her either way.

The bottom line is that there MAY be a lapse in service here for up to
3 weeks until the lines are moved.  If that is impossible for you to
deal with then you will have to relocate.

Hopefully the landlady here will rent to us of a month... but...


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