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Patrick patrick at feh.net
Thu Jul 6 08:24:29 PDT 2000

On Wed, 5 Jul 2000, Peter A. Peterson II wrote:

> Quoting Patrick:
> > http://www.interlog.com/~patrick/pics/cvon.jpg
> Give me a break! First of all, who gives the finger with the fingers
> pointing AT the victim? It's like THEY'RE giving YOU the finger. Or
> worse, that you're giving YOURSELF the finger.

1. It's not me, it's cvon.

2. www.fuckme.com? We may have to contact the manufacturer for

> Second of all, why are you drinking limeless  Coronas when you can 
> apparently get Boddingtons at the same joint???

This is a personal observation, but after drinking Jager for so many
hours, one does not care whether or not one's double Coronas are equipped
with limes.

> The mind boggles.

The crawdad twitches.

may i ask why you had my hehehehehehe in your clipboard?

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