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Leader Safe From Eggs at 180 Feet? 

BRASILIA (Reuters) - Security guards watching over Brazil's president have
concluded the leader of Latin America's largest nation will never have egg on
his face -- but only if he stands 180 feet away from angry demonstrators. 

The guards spent weeks studying exactly how far away an egg-thrower would have
to be in order to miss hitting President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the daily
Folha de Sao Paulo said. 

Their study concluded that the safe location for the president was at a
distance of 150 to 180 feet, even if targeted by a champion egg-thrower.
At that distance, Folha said, a person's head would appear as large as a fly
12 feet away. 

The tests were carried out after several top politicians were hit by eggs in
recent months by demonstrators angry at government austerity measures.

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