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Monkey Master monkeymaster at crackmonkey.org
Thu Jul 6 11:51:17 PDT 2000

begin  Peter A. Peterson II quotation:
> My boss doesn't believe that linux servers can handle real-world,
> do-or-die situations that would normally be high-end *NIX boxen.
> Apache doesn't count, ftp, etc. I'm talking about real systems stuff
> here, big time backups, logical volumes stuff, raid, what-have-you.

	LVMs are nascent, but getting there.  FreeBSD's vimum is
actually a far better LVM.  Raid in software is a pretty dumb idea in
general, but it's also rather buggy in Linux.  You want RAID?  Do it
right: get a hardware RAID controller.

	As for big-time backups, amanda is used at quite a few larger
installations to automate backups.  Amanda uses a disk cache for
backups and optimizes to fit on the tape.  As for oracle backups, most
of the large-scale so-called "enterprise backup solutions" just
automate a dump of the database and related transaction logs to disk.

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