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Bob Bernstein bobbern at delphi.com
Sun Jul 9 06:50:22 PDT 2000

The following, from me, has languished on comp.security.unix since late
Thursday night:

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Subject: password generators
Newsgroups: comp.security.unix
Organization: loggerheads with himself
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A quick tour via google of password generators for unix(en) systems turns
up...not much: there's Don Libes' 'mkpasswd' expect script, and Tommy Van
Vleck's 'gpw'.

On the other hand, writing password generators for Win/NT/etc systems seems
to be a thriving business, with all sorts of shareware candidates vying for

How might this disparity be explained?

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I conclude that the advent of MD5 and blowfish passwords has rendered the
whole idea of a password generator moot (since a 127 character password is
in effect a pass phrase), but why are NT users (apparently) still looking
for one?

Also, hasn't the 127 char length basically put Crack (even if it's
MD5-ified) out of business?

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