[CrackMonkey] Communist Linuxiains

Ben benb at netins.net
Mon Jul 10 23:49:58 PDT 2000

Quotation from Ziggy's Joke of the Day:

> And since we're west of the dateline today...  Did ya happen to see
> in Saturday's NY Times how China's technocrats are embracing Linux
> over Windows for the country's use based on reasons like security,
> cost and Linux's use of the GNU open-source model?
> On the open-source issue, Craig S. Smith, writing for the Times from
> Shanghai wrote:
>         "Unlike the Windows source code, which Microsoft
>          keeps secret, the Linux code is open for all to see
>          and is freely distributed with the stipulation that
>          anybody can improve it as long as any modifications
>          are shared with the rest of the world.  The almost
>          communistic `from each according to his ability, to
>          each according to his need' approach appeals to
>          China's Marxist leaders."
> So because I use Linux, _NOW_ I'm "almost communistic"?
> Programmers of the world untie!  Okay... so I'm dyslexic, too.


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