[CrackMonkey] [dmarti@zgp.org: Re: [linux-elitists] Freeing document _formats_]

Monkey Master monkeymaster at crackmonkey.org
Tue Jul 11 20:00:02 PDT 2000

begin  Bernard quotation:
> > If you follow up to Deirdre or mention Deirdre again on
> > linux-elitists you are off the list.
> Admit it Nick.  You've always wanted to enforce this rule on
> Crackmonkey as well.  ....or was that just for Deirdre simply
> appearing on the list.

	No way, man.  She's a satisfying troll.  She's far more
enticing than your mock .sig-delimiters (which I must admit, I find
highly amusing).

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