[CrackMonkey] [thespian@slip.net: Re: [Pigdog] 12-Step-step-steppin' out on you..]

Mae Ling Mak spinster at moebius.digitalflock.org
Wed Jul 12 06:10:57 PDT 2000

oh, and _everybody_ gets pissed off when i say "moffitt monkey"...
what year is moffitt monkey #2? i have nick as "moffitt monkey 1977"
in my .muttrc...

Quoting Monkey Master:
> 	Sorry, I meant George Perry.

"What goes around will come around,
 And after all we'll all fall down.
 No one here is anyone, and in a while we'll all be gone."
 					-Sascha Konietzko (MDFMK)


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