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Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
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	Well, this is the announcement for that pigeon roast that I've
been forwarding crap about for a while.

	The joke (and I'll let you kids on it so long as you don't
tell all the tourists) is that they'll be roasting cornish game hens
while they keep some pigeons around for show.  It's yet another shock
piece from the keen fiends at the San Frencisco Cacophony Society.

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In case you guys didn't get this.

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Join us this Sunday, July 16th at 2:00 PM in Union Suqare for the 4th 
Annual Pigeon Roast!

The Bay Area Rotisserie Friends will be hosting a pigeon (Rock Dove) roast 
and exhibition.  

This is not a joke!  Unbenkownst to many, pigeons are legal to hunt, kill 
and eat - and they're quite tasty!  We'll have several pre-cooked birds, 
as well as grilling some on site.  Flyers will be handed out detailing:

* Pigeons Facts and trivia
* Nutritional benefits (they're high in tryptophan and protein, yet low 
in cholesterol and calories!)
* Laws regarding hunting (the Federal Migratory Bird Conservation Act of 
1918, the U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service defines pigeons as an unprotected 
species - no licence needed, and no limit!)
* Recipes (Cinnamon-Honey Grilled Pigeon, Pigeon a la New Mexico, and 
Smothered Pigeon )

We'll also have a display of legal hunting weapons and tricks to catch 
these nummy critters!

Due to laws regarding food distribution, you MUST bring a copy of this 
e-mail invitation if you would like to join our picnic and sample the meat. 

Date / Time: 2 PM, Sunday 16 July
Location: Union Square (Stockton and Geary), San Francisco
Contact: pigeons at starchefs.com


Laughing Squid is proud to be a sponsor of:

Webzine 2000
Independent Publishing on the Internet

Saturday, July 22, 2000
2050 Bryant Street, San Francisco


The San Francisco Cacophony Society 


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