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"Invest in sand!" joked Betsy Ludwig of Lucent's optical networking
division, after telling the 451 there was a shortage. She said the
amount of fiber required by the industry every year was staggering --
60 million fiber miles are being laid in the US alone this year.

Let's see -- 60 million miles per year, 24*365 = 8760 hours per year,
so that's about 6850 miles per hour.

Do I remember correctly that the speed of sound is 770 mph? So fiber is
going into the ground in the US at roughly mach 9.

Not to try to start a thread, or anything, but it reminds me of another
cross-unit analogy I once heard: the speed of the then-new Cray n (for
small n; this was circa 1983) was described as being sufficient to do
an addition in the time it took light to travel two feet.

- Chris

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