[CrackMonkey] [dmarti@zgp.org: Re: [linux-elitists] Freeing document _formats_]

Bernard nutella at zork.net
Wed Jul 12 19:37:13 PDT 2000

11Jul2000 08:10PM (-0700) From [monkeymaster at crackmonkey.org] monkeymaster [Monkey Master]
> begin  Bernard quotation:
> > Awwwww.. You're no fun any more.  What's the use in my putting all
> > that thought into .sig-delimit generation if it fails to annoy you
> > (and actually amuses you).  I shall cease forthwith (also, I am
> > rapidly running out of valid ideas).
> 	Dude, you're trying to create non-compliant delimiters, and
> you can't come up with valid ones?  Like, there's only one that meets
> those criteria, and it's on the next line down:

Phew!  GAR at last.  So, they haven't replaced Nick (yet) with
some form of namby-pamby happy person.
	....or maybe this was a two-part troll-GAR wherein the
taunter uses a veiled compliment to lure in the victim and then
deletes the contextual quote and apparently reverses their
point of view.  A cunning stunt.

Bernard P. Murray, PhD
nutella at zork.net (Department of Desserts and Toppings, San Francisco, USA)

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