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Thu Jul 13 14:27:50 PDT 2000

>>>>> "Nick" == Nick Moffitt <nick at zork.net> writes:

    Nick> 	HAW HAW HAW!

You know, exchanges like that really do happen.

>>>>> "e" == enigma  <enigma at totse.com> writes:

    e> Quote-after-text is used in corporate environments to preserve
    e> the back-and-forth e-mail exchange between two or more
    e> people. It's invaluable when two upper management types bat an
    e> idea back and forth for a week and then forward their entire
    e> thread off to the engineering department and say "Make this
    e> work."

Allow me to translate.

        Quote-after-text is used in bloated money-grubbing
        talking-shops so that bullies with the attention span of a
        grape pip remember what bullshit they have been spouting.
        It's invaluable when two bottom-feeders play with an idea
        under the guise of "work" for ten times the length of time
        that the talent would have taken to realise that the idea is
        wholly without merit and a waste of time; the talent is then
        forced to take a broken idea and fake a demo so that the
        jackals^Wmanagers don't have to face the realisation that they
        are hamsters on the corporate wheel.


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