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Thu Jul 13 15:31:32 PDT 2000

begin  Bernard quotation:
> Zounds!  I think Mr. Perry may have a rival when it comes to mental
> imagery (although G.P.'s  recent quote of "Mind as recreational
> vehicle.  Vodka as cruise-control." was pure genius).

			:r!fortune -im perry
From: "George J.P. Perry" <geoperry at iww.org>

Mind as recreational vehicle.  Vodka as cruise-control.

-g... off-road adventures
			:r!fortune -im juggler
   ... when the space-aliens find our crap in space, and see that it's
   full of Forth, they won't be messing with us... 'cause they'll
   recognise a bad-ass os when they see one.
          -- Juggler Vain 
   Flesh takes pictures (as do we all) with his mind. Somes folks'
   albums make tedious company, but his...make me hungry for pizza.
          -- Juggler Vain 
   I dance in my sleep, and fly; waking, I am clumsy and earthbound. 
          -- Juggler Vain 
   the only good question is a rhetorical question 
          -- Juggler Vain 

	For that last fortune, I pull out my brother's favorite canned
response, which is "Isn't it just?"

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