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>>>>> "Bernard" == Bernard  <nutella at zork.net> writes:

    Bernard> 13Jul2000 11:00PM (+0100) From [sneakums at eircom.net] sneakums [Paul J Collins]
    >> People I know have been to London and they didn't like the Guinness at
    >> all.  The main problem is that it isn't pulled properly.

    Bernard> It varies from pub to pub.  There seems to be an effort

As it does here.

    Bernard> to improve the quality as people will travel a fair
    Bernard> distance to a pub known to keep good Guinness.

Have these people heard that, with a little effort, one can acquire a
wonderful thing called a "life"?

    Bernard> Sorry, that was supposed to be "Murphy's", not Beamish.
I forgive you, my child.

    >> If I'm too hot, I drink Miller.

    Bernard> Hot?  You don't know the meaning of the word.  Anyway, I
    Bernard> wouldn't

I was in Laredo for three weeks at the end of May/beginning of June.
It was around 35-40 C most days.  By my standards, that was hot.

    Bernard> admit to being a Miller drinker around here, even in
    Bernard> jest.  Domestic (assumed) and export Miller are two very
    Bernard> different animals.

Since I'm in Ireland, I presume the Miller Genuine Draft we get here
is export.

    >> Stout is not really a summer drink.

    Bernard> That's why San Francisco is a good venue.  We don't have
    Bernard> summer here.

You mean you don't have winter?

    >> Pitchers for beer are very rare here, except possibly in "trendy"
    >> pubs, where they define "trendy" as "it's been done in America".

    Bernard> So, napalming the customers is the next logical step....?

I was thinking drive-by shooting, but napalm has a certain poetry to

    >> When you live in a country of 3.5
    >> million that would fit inside Lake Michigan,

    Bernard> I've never heard that comparison before.  I demand a practical
    Bernard> demonstration!

Scheduled for October 2001, I believe.

    >> .. it's difficult to appreciate how large and varied America is.

    Bernard> Ah, but it's a mediocre kind of "variety".  You can
    Bernard> understand pretty much everyone who tries to talk to you
    Bernard> in the U.S. (even though the effort may not be worth it)
    Bernard> but in the past I have failed miserably to understand
    Bernard> what someone from Strabane was talking about.

I worked with a bunch of people from Derry once (aka Londonderry) and
I got the hang of the accent fairly quickly.


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