[CrackMonkey] TNICNAZ, old chum!

Bernard nutella at zork.net
Thu Jul 13 15:46:28 PDT 2000

13Jul2000 03:39PM (-0700) From [mr.bad at pigdog.org] mr.bad [Mr . Bad]
> >>>>> "B" == Bernard  <nutella at zork.net> writes:
>     B> Curse you Mr. Bad!  I'm going to have to work very hard to rid
>     B> my mind of that mental picture.  The worst part is that the
>     B> picture is composed of two completely-irreconcilable images so
>     B> that my mind flicks rapidly between them like some kind of
>     B> badly composed .GIF and may soon trigger epilepsy.
> That's what you DESERVE for using patented formats for your internal
> mental images.
> I suggest you move to a MNG-based visualization system, which will not
> only correct the flicker but also give you greater control of the
> palette and alpha channel.

Oh, that my brain had chosen MNG as then I would be safe as
it is difficult to create or view anything with vapour-ware.

Bernard P. Murray, PhD
nutella at zork.net (Department of Desserts and Toppings, San Francisco, USA)

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