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SpiceMonkey muse at zork.net
Thu Jul 13 19:37:43 PDT 2000

	I invited him to TNICNAZ to get some shells.

----- Forwarded message from Iztok Finzgar <izicom at inforta.com> -----

Subject: wish


I am Iztok Fingar from Slovenia and i am looking
for shells on all the world. I never have lucky at looking
for shell and i really wish to have it because i need
it for eggdrop bot for my channel. I have channel #muta
and i want to do it bether and good and big. So i need
shell account on wich i wish to run just one eggdrop bot.
I haven't money for buy shells and so i mail some roots
if they can help me. If you can, pleas help me about this
and make one shell for me with username izicom.
I will be really hapy if you do that for me, because roots
never give me shells.
I really wish to get shell account on your server.
Yours Iztok.


----- End forwarded message -----

Hee hee!

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