[CrackMonkey] [pbouchon@csi.com: All French Men!!!]

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Fri Jul 14 08:44:34 PDT 2000

Well, if Don's gunna forward Polish spam, I may as well forward ghey
pr0n spam.

----- Forwarded message from pbouchon at csi.com -----

Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 23:02:11 -0500
Subject: All French Men!!!
To: @zurich.ibm.com
From: pbouchon at csi.com


My name is Phil, and I want to show you how
a REAL, FRENCH GAY MAN and make your 
every fantasy cum true!

Join Me at:

We Have Phone Sex Too!!!!

+33 1 39 74 86 63 (Outside France)
1 39 74 86 63 (France)

How about a Gay FAXBACK...I'ts FREE!!!!
Fax) +33 1 39 70 62 51

See Ya Soon!!

Love Phil.

We honor All remove requests!  Please send your email
with remove in the subject field to:

pbouchon at audio-pjb.com

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