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Sat Jul 15 13:33:15 PDT 2000

begin  Paul J Collins quotation:
> Hurl Jam sucks.  Bad manglings of their bad lyrics doubly so.

	Yeah, but put yourself in my shoes.

	Sherman, set the way-back machine for 1993!

	So I'm in Seattle, in high school.  The BBSes I called all had
"2400,N81" after their entries in the Eskimo North Port BBS list, and
the hax0r groups were still writing assembly demos and putting out
ANSI art.  The rich kids all had 486s with MS Windows, but I was
holding out for OS/2, and ran a copy of DR-DOS that I picked up in a
used bookstore for $15.

	The school where I went had just graduated out the last class
of head-thrashing GunsNRoses lamers, but the incoming freshmen were
all searching the pop-culture airwaves for baubles to affix to their

	For some of them, the whole "grunge" fixation was a chance to
shed their bourgeois upbringing and thrash like the heavy-metalers
and punks before them.  For some, it was a chance to swap their
parachute pants and neon tank-tops for baggy overalls and knit caps.
They were all insufferable.

	Fortunately, I was a couple years ahead of them.  All the
same, the city was pulling itself by the boot-straps out of a rather
severe depression by applying reganomics to the major record labels
and Starbucks-like chains.  Film crews started coming into Seattle to
make movies, documentaries featuring pike-place fish-throwing, and
music videos.  A major retail expansion hit.

	The same thing had happened around 1985, whenmost of downtown
seattle's skyscraper skyline was built.  I still have to fight to keep
from associating the SF construction boom with impending stock market

	So in this fit of hubris, Seattle began playing grunge music
in every elevator, grocery store, and cafe in the whole city.  You
couldn't get away from the shit.  

	But, of all the crap that was forced down our throats, I still
think that Ten was the least crappy, and I actually own a copy.

	So there.

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