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Emad El-Haraty elharaty at utdallas.edu
Sun Jul 16 19:19:10 PDT 2000

<+emad> anyone want to read a stupid opinion paper I have to write ?
<+emad> basically the assignment was to talk about chapter 1
<+emad> but I don't even have the book
<+emad> so I decided to bs
<+emad> the middle paragraph is filler
<+emad> since she asked for a page
<+emad> err 2nd paragraph
<@CrackMonkey> forward this to crackmonkey, man!

Opinion Paper

Emad El-Haraty
Sociology - Jenkins


What I mainly understood (or chose to understand) from chapter one
was that it was an attempt to ingrain into the reader's mind a better
understanding of what sociology attempts to do. This basically means
it gave examples of certain aspects of society and asks the reader
to question why certain outcomes occur in place of others. A good
example would be the one covered in class regard Rosa Lee. You (Mrs.
Jenkins) tried to encourage the students to brainstorm certain reasons
why things happened as they did. The more plausible ones were looked
into while the others were filed as mere possibilities but unlikely.

I am an electrical engineering major. I selected this degree because
in high school I was a rather excellent computer programmer. When
I enrolled in university, I had to decide between computer science
and electrical engineering since I was rather interested in both.
Eventually I decided that if I did electrical engineering I could
leverage my programming skills to allow me to deal with both fields.
Basically, I'd spend the rest of my life working long hours for some
company until I become an old man which kind of sucks. So I figure
I'll raise capital and start my own money making ventures. Possibilities
include being a shifty eyed used car salesman, it will probably be
tough finding an obnoxious purple suit and a bad toupe though.

Not so much a a specific social problem as it is a by product of power
hungry people, I'd find it interesting to discuss what most people
would classify as ``politics''. By this I do not mean the hotbed of
craziness that categorizes stuff like running for president, but more
the local aspects politics. Office politics would be a good example
of what I am talking about. We could look into reasons why people
suck up to others, how they decide which allies to make and how far
their loyalty will go. Likewise, looking into rivalries between various
groups inside a corporation would be of great interest. The best reason
to do this would be that a firm grasp on the reasoning behind each
maneuver would allow me to garner more power at work and thus plan
my own coup of the office. I can form a web of alliances with my coworkers,
pitting them against each other when it suits my needs. This would
certainly help pass they years if my plans to start my own business
do not work out.

By now you probably think I am quite a manipulative person, but this
could all be a ruse in order to gauge your tolerance for silly write-ups.
Since this particular assignment is worth a mere twenty five points
out of total of five hundred. If I get a comment stating ``You moron!
Be serious!'' I will have learned early and will be forced to write
boring papers in the future. But this described action in itself is
manipulative, go figure.

 Emad El-Haraty
	If you can't beat them, arrange to have them beaten.

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