[CrackMonkey] Free crap becomes free speech

Monkey Master monkeymaster at crackmonkey.org
Sun Jul 16 21:22:03 PDT 2000

begin  Dylan Northrup quotation:
> "Free" has more meanings to software people than "snow" does to
> eskimos.

	Oh shit.  Not this argument again.

	1: There's no such thing as an "Eskimo".  That's the
Aboriginal American equivalent of the word "Oriental".  If there's a
particular tribe you have in mind, please tell us.
	2: The word "snow" is English, and probably doesn't have much
meaning to Northern tribesmen, as many of them do not speak English.
To those that do, I can't imagine that it would have any deep
significance beyond what it means to us.  Then again, you ARE from
Florida; so following your logic, "snow" means more to me than it does
to you.
	3: American skiers and snowboarders have more words for "snow"
than the Inuit, Tlingit, and Aleut tribes combined.  This may be
irrelevant to your current thesis, but I didn't want you to get all
self-correcting and bring up the traditionally cited urban legend.

	I'm surprised I had to explain this to you.


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