[CrackMonkey] RFC: ORBS down

Jason Sopko jason at sopko.net
Mon Jul 17 11:22:56 PDT 2000

On Mon, Jul 17, 2000 at 02:01:31PM -0400, Bob Bernstein wrote:

> http://www.orbs.org
> What this all about? What's the deal? Who are the good guys, and who are the
> bad guys? (Apply any measure of PC you care to.)

I laughed when I saw mail being rejected from insecure.org's mail server because it was on the ORBS list.

[], reject=553 <jason at sopko.net>... Mail from refused - open relay. Contact your ISP  and
tell them to secure their mail server. This mail server does not tolerate incompetence. See http://www.orbs.org/


@a=(Lbzjoftt,Inqbujfodf,Hvcsjt); $b="Lbssz Wbmm"
;$b =~ y/b-z/a-z/ ; $c =" Tif ". @a ." hsfbu wj"
."suvft pg b qsphsbnnfs". ":\n";$c =~y/b-y/a-z/;
print"\n\n$c ";for($i=0;$i<@a; $i++) { $a[$i] =~
y/b-y/a-z/;if($a[$i]eq$a[-1]){print"and $a[$i]."
;}else{ print"$a[$i], ";}}print"\n\t\t--$b\n\n";

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