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Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Mon Jul 17 15:51:53 PDT 2000

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I would just like to thank everyone who showed up to our pigeon roast,
especially those who contributed:

Michael - for the brochures
Rick and Mike - for the posters and the wings
Simone - for the grill, the music and the idea
Johannes - for the really big poster!

I'd also like to thank:

The Chronicle
The Examiner
The Guardian
The Weekly
SF Animal Control
SF Health Dept
SF Sheriff's Dept
SF Police Dept 

for being such good pigeons when we caught them in our net of
cacophony!  I dunno if we made it on the news, although the Fox guy
said he would try.

Although we had our sign and birds (those were SO tasty) confiscated,
the lady for the Health Dept and sheriff were very nice when they
interrogated me - I've known asshole cops, and these were pretty far
from it.  We got off pretty easy.

And honestly, the SFPD were tres cool about the whole thing - poor
guys almost popped their diaphragms they were trying so hard not to

Is it me, or does PETA need a serious inoculation for their lack of a
sense of humor? ("Assault!")

butseriously.com will be interviewing me (and anyone else who wants to
come) next week for a live webcast.

Johannes, Rick, and Mike are working on a new event, which might even
surpass this one.

I'll send you all photos when I get them back.  Anyone who can please
send them to me and I'll forward them.  If you don't have a scanner,
I'll be happy to scan them myself.

All for now.

We eat pigeons!  Yes we do!  We eat pigeons, how 'bout you?
Pluck them! Skin them! Yes we do!  Then we cook them, through and

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