[CrackMonkey] 70MB of swap? Per window?

Paul J Collins sneakums at eircom.net
Mon Jul 17 16:47:00 PDT 2000

>>>>> "Nick" == Nick Moffitt <nick at zork.net> writes:

    Nick> From: "Danny O'Brien" <danny at spesh.com>
    Nick> Subject: Excerpted: NTK now, 2000-07-14

    Nick> Far be it for us to intimate that MOZILLA has been hijacked
    Nick> by the same naive completeness fanatics that collapse so
    Nick> many free software projects into development black-holes,

Which projects would these be?  GNU?  No.  Apache?  No.  Linux?  No.
GTK+?  No.  The GIMP?  No.

    Nick> but ... oh come on, two years and counting? Seventy
    Nick> megabytes of swap? Per *window*? Hello? Is there some kind

Seventy megs?  Uh, no.  I find the RSS hovers at around 20 megs (VSZ
27 megs); still too much, but NS 4.61's RSS is around 12 megs (VSZ 20
megs).  Both of these figures checked after loading
http://www.crackmonkey.org.  Bear in mind that Mozilla is still alpha
code, so expect memory usage to drop in release code.


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