[CrackMonkey] quote of the day

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Tue Jul 18 10:37:49 PDT 2000

"This is a very profound moment historically," Time Warner President
Richard Parsons says. "This isn't just about a bunch of kids stealing
music. It's about an assault on everything that constitutes the cultural
expression of our society. If we fail to protect and preserve our
intellectual property system, the culture will atrophy. And corporations
won't be the only ones hurt. Artists will have no incentive to create.
Worst-case scenario: The country will end up in a sort of cultural Dark

Just _where_ the singing dancing farting FUCK do you think we are NOW
you dumbshit?  I WANT your definition of DARK AGES.  It'll be K3WL.

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