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Bernard nutella at zork.net
Wed Jul 19 22:23:52 PDT 2000

20Jul2000 12:12AM (-0600) From [benb at netins.net] benb [Ben]
> 'betwixt'... now there's a word that doesn't get used enough.
> Hey, give up the huk and beaujolais and gar, etc, and work 'betwixt'
> into every sentence.

NO! NO! NO!  How *can* you screw this up!  The **OBVIOUS** request
was for him to work in "betwixt" betwixt GAR and Beaujolais.
Now you've ruined it.  This could have been your fifteen minutes
of fame but now you'll only be remembered as a linear-thinking
loser.  Oh, the humanity.  It's nicely almost recursive so it
would have had that lisp/GNU cachet but instead you turn it
into a braindump from a retarded pigeon.


Bernard P. Murray, PhD
nutella at zork.net (Department of Desserts and Toppings, San Francisco, USA)

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