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Win a free trip to Mars?!  Only spree.com will send you and your lucky guest on an all-expense paid trip to Mars.  And we'll even send you to Neptune, Venus and back to Earth.  If you're not up for travel, you can take a $10,000 cash prize instead!

To enter, simply refer a new member to spree.  It's FREE, and you'll receive one intergalactic entry for each friend you sign up.

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One lucky winner will pocket $10,000 IN CASH, or win a trip to Mars, Pennsylvania.  The voyage also includes stops in Venus, PA, Neptune NJ, Jupiter, FL, Mercury, NV and Earth, TX.

Enter today!

Capt. Kirk Brown
Starship Tour Director

P.S.  Remember, you'll also earn a cash commission on all purchases made by referred members!

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"What goes around will come around,
 And after all we'll all fall down.
 No one here is anyone, and in a while we'll all be gone."
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