[CrackMonkey] BeDope Haiku contest

Mr. Bad mr.bad at pigdog.org
Fri Jul 21 17:11:20 PDT 2000

>>>>> "PJC" == Paul J Collins <sneakums at eircom.net> writes:

    PJC> You seem to quote with Supercite.  Before you quote haiku,
    PJC> try this first:

No way! But thanks for the key combo -- I've been setting
sc-auto-fill-region-p to nil by hand (well, M-x set-variable) for a
long time.

May I quote: "In Japan haiku are written in one line vertically. Again
we cannot imitate this so some poets, following as closely as they can
(heel to toe, heel to toe), write haiku in one horizontal line. "


So, Mr. Paul J. Collins, put that in your pipe and haiku smoke it.

~Mr. Bad

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