[CrackMonkey] BeDope Haiku contest

Paul J Collins sneakums at eircom.net
Fri Jul 21 17:31:27 PDT 2000

>>>>> "Bad" == Bad  <mr.bad at pigdog.org> writes:

>>>>> "PJC" == Paul J Collins <sneakums at eircom.net> writes:
    PJC> You seem to quote with Supercite.  Before you quote haiku,
    PJC> try this first:

    Bad> No way! But thanks for the key combo -- I've been setting
    Bad> sc-auto-fill-region-p to nil by hand (well, M-x set-variable)
    Bad> for a long time.

I set it to nil in my .emacs.  Had to use a hook to get it to work.

    Bad> May I quote: "In Japan haiku are written in one line
    Bad> vertically. Again we cannot imitate this so some poets,
    Bad> following as closely as they can (heel to toe, heel to toe),
    Bad> write haiku in one horizontal line. "

    Bad> http://www.ahapoetry.com/haidefjr.htm

Fascinating; however, just because "some poets" do it, doesn't mean I
have to.  I prefer to break the lines to reflect the syllabic
structure.  Excellent document, though.  Thanks.

    Bad> So, Mr. Paul J. Collins, put that in your pipe and haiku
    Bad> smoke it.

I don't smoke.

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