[CrackMonkey] Posters

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Sun Jul 23 00:52:19 PDT 2000

I have a limited number of "JON JOHANSEN IS WATCHING YOU" posters.  I
suppose I should send one to JLJ himself, but I don't know if he'd
think it was funny.

They're tabloid-size, color, thanks to Jim Gleason for the picture.
Suggested donation $5 apiece (to defray printing costs, not for any
charitable purpose).  You can pick them up in San Francisco, or pay me
shipping and handling.

Or you can print them out yourself; I'll have a CorelDraw document up
on my web page soon, suitable for printing at any Kinko's (Tektronix
color laser printer, 11" by 17", make sure the paper is coming from
the right tray), and you get a chance to improve on my graphic design
at the same time.

I actually really like them; they came out just about as I had hoped.

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